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First kiss

An extraordinary moment,
You can never relive,
A memory treasured forever.
A connection of mutual desire,
Maybe even like, or love.
Eyes locking,
Hands brushing,
Hearts pounding,
Lips touching,
Adrenaline rushing...
An EXPLOSION of emotion, excitement�


I am here to be your friend

You're never alone, I'll always be near,
When you're troubled or down or blue.
All you have to do is call on me,
And I'll always be there for you.



If you need someone to hold your hand,
Or a hug to say "I care",
Or a shoulder just to cry on,
Just call and I'll be there!



You're never alone, I'm always here,
Through the good times and the bad...
I'm always here to be your friend,
I don't like to see you sad.



It doesn't matter where I am,
It doesn't matter when.
When you need someone to talk to,
I'm here to be your friend!



A hug

A hug is a wonderful gift to share,
A way to show each other that we care;
There is so much a hug is able to do,
When you feel those arms holding you.

A hug is a place to feel safe and warm,
A comfort for a sad heart that is torn;
An expression of the love in our heart,
For ones who we wish, never to be apart.
A hug is a greeting when we meet to say hello,
Or to say goodbye when we have to go;
It can hold us up when life gets us down,
And makes us smile, instead of frown.
A hug can be given for no reason at all,
And given to those, both big and small;
We're never too old to feel the joy it brings,
As it is one of life's most pleasing things.
And for all of this beauty, a hug is free!
It costs nothing, yet means so much to me;
We should all hug another to show we care,
For to feel a warm hug, nothing can compare.